Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shit on Kugu 2


  • Tewkz: He's Elite Space Guild's Head Diplomat and brown.
  • Doink9731: I'm in Test and have a dead monotone voice that betrays my lack of soul.
  • GrathTelkin: PL and mad.
  • Jeffraider: PL and still drunk.
  • Hattifnatt: PL and SCARED.
  • Hinkledolph: PL and Russian.
  • Elise Randolph: PL CSM alternate and latecomer.
  • Druid: PL and British.


  • TEST Dread Welp.
  • CSM minutes.
  • PL & Wormholes.
  • Cut short due to Super Cap Battle-a-roo.

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