Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shit on Kugu 3


  • Doink9731, pretty much useless.
  • Tewkz, down to be brown.
  • Grath Telkin, boiled over.
  • Jeffraider, less drunk than usual.
  • StBoltzmann, Broski Co-CEO.
  • Zero, Lynch Squad.
  • White Tree, CSM member.
  • Kurth Ren, Broski.
  • DurrHurrDurr, DTF.


  • Broski's Trials and Tribulations
  • Crucible Changes
  • Super Capital Battles & The War In The North.
  • Frieghtergate
  • SMA's Tech Moons
  • Test's Jewcation & Geminate.

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